Putting Desperation Where it Belongs

dodgeball-extreme-gameWhy is it that people are so desperate to have important people on their side? It is like we are living a lifetime version of playground dodgeball where everyone wants to pick the best arms first and no one wants to get picked last. We are just terrified that we are gonna get on a rotten team and get pulverized. It makes us so desperate for greatness. It makes people so excited to find out that this popular actor or this musician or this important person agrees with them. We desperately want as many important people to agree with our beliefs, our viewpoints, and our decisions.

This is also true in the Christian culture. Every week it seems we are saying this, “Did you hear that this musician is actually a Christian?” “Oh yeah, did you hear that this actor is a Christian?” When in actuality many of these people are marginal Christians at best, but we are just desperate for important people to be on our team. It would be great  if our desperation was out of the desire to see all come to know and trust Christ, but I’m simply not convinced. We just want these superstars to affirm us.

Why? We seem to be desperate for heroes. So desperate that we will twist a comment here or fill in the blanks there to make a superstar seem like a believer. Then this individual blows up their life later and everybody goes, “Oh no, I thought they were a Christian!” We do a great injustice to our belief by making faithless people the trophies of our faith.

Maybe our desperation is well founded. We should be desperate for a hero, but its not in ordinary people. No matter how much they are worth or what platform they have on this earth, they are still just ordinary people. We already have a hero:

Hebrews 12:1-2 Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.

We already have the hero we are so desperate for! It makes no sense for us to put so much stock in who this person claims to be or who this person says they support. The only thing that really matters in our lives is who we claim to be and who we support. Are we about the business of our hero Jesus Christ or are we about something else. Let’s get a lot less desperate to find other heroes who will fail us and a lot more desperate for the hero who has already had the victory. We need more Jesus and a lot more of making His name great!