The Day the Farmer Planted Himself

Apple_seeds_-_variety_Reglindis_(aka)A farmer wakes up early one morning and looks out on the open field up the hill from his budding garden. As the sun rises on the field, he envisions rows of fruit bearing trees that his family could enjoy for generations to come. With a handful of seeds, the farmer makes his way to that field and begins planting one after another. He can only place the seed and water it, the seed must soak the nutrients up, break free from its shell, break up through the soil and reach out its arms to gather the light of the sun.

Apple trees with red apples

The farmer knows several truths about this planting process. When he planted an apple seed he knew that only an apple tree could grow. He has no expectation of oranges from that seed. This little apple seed has all the information in its little shell to grow up and be a fruit bearing apple tree. There is zero chance of it being an orange or anything else. The only options for this little seed are to grow up and bear apples or die trying. The farmer also knows that it will be years before this seed is a fruit bearing tree and he will be patient in the process. He will water, prune, and prepare the plant for fruit.

Blank-canvasAnother farmer wakes up and sees the blank canvas of that which would become our world. In this picture God Himself is the great farmer of all creation. He plants the seeds of life, the trees, the vegetables, the wildlife, the birds, the fish, the sun and the stars. He plants His image bearers on His created world. Every single thing becomes exactly what he designed. This is the first planting. But the tree of man which God planted became sick, it was blighted by their disobedience. This diseased tree bore diseased fruit which covered this creation.

Any good farmer would dig it all up and replant and God did that very thing once. He commissioned Noah to be the replant. But the blight remained. The creation fell again into much darkness. God promised Noah that he would never replant like that again, but He did have every intention to replant. The second plant was different from the first. In this plant, God Himself became the seed. The farmer planted Himself. He left His position on high and became a little seed. The diseased trees rejected this little seed, they crushed His shell, they hung Him up for the birds to snatch, they threw this seed into a hole in the ground, covered the hole, and left Him there to rot. For three days the seed lay in the ground.

A new tree sprung forth. This tree was different from every one before. This was the resurrection tree, the first fruit from among the dead. This tree has power to heal the disease of every blighted tree in God’s field. The seeds from this tree could now be planted and the disease of His image bearers was redeemed. The great farmer has replaced the seeds. Those who plant the seed of Jesus Christ in their lives are redeemed and their lives are forever changed, the blight of their existence is removed. This is why Paul says in Colossians 2 that believers must “Sink their roots in Jesus and build on him.” Christ has been planted in you so grow.

This seed can only bear one type of fruit just like an apple seed always becomes an apple tree. Christ’s seed in us always bears Christ’s fruit in us. Holiness bears holiness.

1 Peter 1:16 “Be holy, because I am holy.”

The simplicity of this statement is baffling. Simply be holy because our God is holy. The seed of Christ is holy and its fruit is holy. When we believe and trust in Christ, we are then commissioned to be holy because He is holy. The holy seed can only bear holy fruit. There is no slight of hand here, no mysterious meaning, only the mysterious power of Christ working in and through us who believe. We are called and empowered to be holy simply because He is holy in us.

Scripture doesn’t say be holy because God will make you rich or keep you safe or make you important or make your kids perfect or give you a flawless spouse. It simply says “Be holy because I am holy.” So why do we plant Christ in our lives and expect personal gain. No one plants apples and expects oranges. The seed of Christ bears more and more Christ not more of you and your desires. Why do we come to Christ wanting more of ourselves. Don’t come to the cross looking for you, come to the cross looking for Jesus. His holiness is ours because He is holy.

15Its time to reach a point in our lives when we kill the blight in our lives. Its time to desire Christ because we simply want Christ and nothing more. Forsake all else and just seek Him. Its time to soak up the salvation of Jesus, break free from that diseased seed, look up through the soil, and reach out our arms to gather the light of the Son.