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Week 1 Replay


Want to continue to worship at home? Here are the videos for the songs we sung today.

The Same Jesus

New Reality Motions

New Reality (the KidzFest Virtual Reality song)

Week 1 Challenge

God is the ultimate creator, and He put His creativity in us! Gather items from your house, your yard, your trash even! Use your creativity and make something that’s never been made before!

Supplies Needed: glue stick, tape, crayons, recycled trash or craft items around the house

The challenge: snap a picture of you and your creation and send it in to by this Thursday and you’ll be on the livestream of our Sunday service at 11am!

Prove It! Verse

We’re learning 2 Corinthians 5:16-16 (NIrV) this month! Here’s the verse in English and emojis!