January 1, 2017 1 John 2:7-17 Download: Audio Notes

We all feel like this is good time to start making some new fitness plans, some new budgets, to make some new eating habits, and new career goals. We might be deciding that we just need to read a lot more this year or study harder or work harder. We are hopeful that 2017 will be the year that our workplaces, our relationships, our bank accounts and even our bodies finally start looking right. What if all these things come to pass? Will we be satisfied? What if we really don’t need a new thing …

In the book of 1 John, the apostle John tells believers that they don’t need a new commandment, but they need only to follow Christ who has given the old commandment new meaning. He tells them that Christ gives eternal significance to all the old commandments We too can follow Christ who empowers us to follow His commandments. Today’s text gives three ways to make eternal resolutions in Christ.