Fighting and terrorism between Israel and Hamas. Riots in our streets. Shootings in Maine. Political fighting and disunity. Concerns about the economy and inflation. Growing anxiety and suicidal ideation among our young people. Where can we turn? Whose voice shall we heed for help? Whose calling? There are so many competing voices and most have already let us down. How do we keep from hardening our hearts to the calling of Jesus? We’ve heard it, but have we really truly responded to it? That’s what today’s message is about. The only voice, the only calling, that can truly help us is the calling of Jesus. How will you respond to Christ’s calling?

In the book of Hebrews chapter 3:7-19, the author warned the Hebrews not to harden their hearts against the greater calling of Jesus. We can heed the warning not to harden our hearts and rightly respond to the greater calling of Jesus.



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