Be Accepted

Belong August 28, 2022 1 John 1:3-2:2 Notes

What’s your response when you sin? Do you make excuses and say, “Everybody’s doing it”? Or do you struggle with guilt and shame, feeling distant from God? And what do you do about repetitive sin areas? You know those sins that you’ve confessed to God, but you still struggle to overcome? So now you’re either discouraged or you’ve given up and started doubting your faith? And what about when you sin against a family member or friend? In other words, you’ve offended them in some way. How do you handle that? Do know how to reconcile with them, giving and receiving forgiveness so that fellowship is restored. So that you feel accepted again?

This is what we’re considering today from the apostle John. How to experience God’s acceptance. In the apostle John’s first epistle, he taught believers how to experience God’s forgiveness and acceptance. We can learn to experience God’s forgiveness and acceptance.



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