Faith Remains

All That Remains January 31, 2021 Philippians 3:7-14 Notes

Do you ever feel so uncertain that you feel stuck? Do you feel like the changes to your environment especially over the last year have crippled your decision making or even stopped you from dreaming of a better future? All of us are facing this in some way. Every one of us have had changes at work, changes with education, changes in parenting, even changes in just how we go to the grocery store. Even the stablest personalities might be sick of all the change.

It should comfort you to know that although the world and everything in it is in constant disarray, the Word of God stands firm and God’s promises to us are immovable.

Faith remains! God has given us faith that stands strong under trial and encourages us through hardship. In Philippians chapter 3, the apostle Paul told the believers at Philippi that everything in life depended on faith in Christ Jesus. We can have the same perspective as Paul and live by faith in Jesus.



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