Hosanna! God Save Us!

Palm Sunday April 5, 2020 Matthew 21:1-11 Notes

Now, when Jesus made his entrance, it was the first day of Passover Week and great numbers of Jews had traveled from all over the Roman Empire to celebrate this annual Jewish festival. A great crowd greeted Jesus as he entered Jerusalem with shouts of “Hosanna, God save us” and the waving of palm branches. The crowds are no different today. At this incredibly difficult time in our country, people are shouting save us from sickness, save us from unemployment, save us from loneliness, please save us from our children who are now stuck at home with us. We still look to “kings” to governments to save us, but so few are shouting, “Save us, O God, from ourselves!”

In Matthew’s Gospel, the crowds shouted “Hosanna,” God save us, as Jesus entered into Jerusalem on the first day of Passion week. We too can call upon Jesus as the only One who can truly save us.



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