Living in Hope
Exiles: Living as Sojourners in this World

Jonathan Combs ·
November 13, 2016 ·

Do you ever feel like an exile? Like you just don’t fit into this old world? Do you feel a little out of sync? Do you ever lose hope as things often seem to be getting worse? How should we live as Christians when the dominant cultural appears at odds with our faith? The apostle Peter’s first letter says that we should live as exiles. In fact, he refers to the first century Christians as exiles three times in his letter.

In Peter’s first letter, he told believers who were living as exiles in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) that they could live with great hope in Jesus Christ. We too are living as exiles in a hopeless world and can experience a life of hope through Jesus Christ. In today’s text we will see three ways to live in hope in a hopeless world.