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Repent and Return April 3, 2022 Zechariah 12-13 Notes

Are you ready for Christ’s return? We’ve learned how to get ready for other things. We had to learn how to get ready for school…how to get ready for work…how to get ready for a long trip… how to get ready to buy our first house. Everything has prerequisites and requirements. You can’t just show up at the bank and hope they’ll give you a loan. You can’t just walk into a college classroom and call yourself a student. You have to get ready.

But how do you get ready for the coming of King Jesus? How do you get ready to face Judgment Day and eternity? Well, that’s the question that today’s message from Zechariah answers. It was written to prepare God’s people for Christ’s second coming. In Zechariah 12-13, the prophet received a second oracle from the LORD revealing the promises that Jesus the Messiah would fulfill for Israel in the last days at His second coming. Jesus has already made these promises available to us today.



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