Staying the Course

Rise Up March 31, 2019 Nehemiah 13 Notes

Have you ever been confronted with the fact that you got off course in life? How did you handle it? Did you humble yourself and admit you were wrong, lost, off-course? Or did you pridefully keep going in the wrong direction? As humans, we’re always in danger of getting off-course. Even when we get back on track, we can’t take our eyes off of God, or we’ll slide into a ditch or take a wrong turn. Yet, God mercifully and lovingly confronts us over and over again to help us stay the course as His people.

In the Book of Nehemiah chapter 13, God led Nehemiah to confront the people of Jerusalem that they had strayed as the people of God and to get back on course. God still confronts our tendency to stray and calls us to stay the course.



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