Unity Over Division

I'm For It June 27, 2021 Galatians 3:25-29 Notes

Our culture has truly made diversity one of the highest pursuits for our society. One might argue that diversity has become its own god in our society. In its purest form, the idea of “diversity”, has the meaning of different things coming together as one. However, most of what you will hear, see, read, and receive from this culture is a celebration and even a quest to be more and more different, to the point that coming together is increasingly more difficult. We hear people say, “Let’s come together” and “Accept me the way that I am”, yet, our differences are so strong—and beliefs at war with one another in many cases—that there is no common value to bring us together.

In Galatians chapter 3, the apostle Paul taught the church of Galatia that because of their faith in Jesus Christ they were now one unified family; sons and daughters of King Jesus. Today we will learn how and why our faith in Jesus makes us one family through three reasons we see in our text.



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