Worship and Witness is … Reproducible
Worship and Witness

Jonathan Combs ·
October 2, 2016 ·

Do you ever wonder what sort of legacy you are leaving? Do you wonder if people will remember you the way you want to be remembered or some other way? Do you think about what it is that you are really passing on to your kids or your friends or coworkers? We all really want to leave a good lasting impression, but many of us feel like we are far from doing it. Don’t you want to leave behind something that is really worth having? Don’t you want to share a great legacy with future generations? So what sort of legacy would be really worth sharing?

In the book of 2 Timothy, Paul tells his disciple Timothy that the grace of Christ can be shared to future generations. Paul teaches that the worship and witness of Jesus Christ is reproducible. We too can share the grace of Jesus with future generations. Our text gives three ways that we can make our worship and witness reproducible.