Making Room for More

RISE UP is our 18-month generosity initiative to make room for more people to come as they are and be forever changed by the love of Jesus. Through RISE UP, God is calling us to partner with Him by investing ourselves and our resources in greater levels of commitment that will impact Rocky Mount and the surrounding area of Eastern North Carolina today, and for years to come.

Our primary goal for this initiative is that 100% of our church family will go on a spiritual journey, asking “Lord, what do you want to do through me to make more disciples who have a growing heart for God, heart for each other, and heart for our world?”

What is Rise Up?

Making Room for More In Our…

Heart for God

God has called us to make disciples of Jesus who have a growing heart for God expressed in passionate worship and generous giving. 

Our primary goal during this initiative is 100% engagement of our members and attenders to take this journey of faith together. One of the really important benefits will be that we grow together in the grace of generosity.

We’re five years old now and it’s time to prepare for our future. We believe that our passionate worship and generous giving to God will result in a spiritual harvest. So we want to prepare for that by making room for more disciples. This is why we feel called to establish a Future Home Fund now. We want to be financially prepared when the time comes.

Heart for Each Other

God has called us to make disciples of Jesus who have a growing heart for each other expressed in authentic fellowship and devoted discipleship. 

As we’ve already mentioned, the primary goal of our Rise Up campaign is 100% member engagement. We want this to be a faith journey that helps our members grow into more mature disciples of Jesus. 

During the coming days we plan to more fully utilize our current leased space by renting a new room for our children’s worship and student ministry. We also plan in the near future to offer two worship services on Sundays to accommodate twice as many people in our current space. This is good stewardship and it will prepare us better for our future home when the time comes.

Heart for the World

God has called us to make disciples of Jesus who have a growing heart expressed in intentional evangelism and sacrificial service.

We will continue to do outreach in our city and send teams internationally to share the gospel. This requires sacrifice, both financially and physically. As we reach more people in our city with the gospel we will one day require a home of our own. 

So we’re going to partner with God for land or an existing property with an appropriate building that is visible, accessible, expandable and affordable for our future home. We want Rocky Mount to know we’re here for them!

We can rise up to make room for more in our heart for God, for each other and for our world!

Are You Ready to Rise Up?

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What does it look like for you to commit to this spiritual journey with us?

  • Commit to do a 21-day devotional with us
  • Commit to pray our Rise Up prayer: “Lord, what do you want to do in and through me?”
  • Attend services in-person or online each Sunday from November 1st – 22nd
  • Commit to respond to God’s leading and by faith make a sacrificial, 18-month financial commitment that is over and above my current giving.

We Know You Have Questions

Check out these FAQ’s

What is Rise Up?

RISE UP is our 18-month generosity initiative to make room for more people to come as they are and be forever changed by the love of Jesus. Through RISE UP, God is calling us to partner with Him by investing ourselves and our resources in greater levels of commitment that will impact Rocky Mount and the surrounding area of Eastern North Carolina today, and for years to come.

Why are we doing this now?

There is a time for everything. Our church was portable for 2 years, meeting in homes and rented facilities for our gatherings. In 2017, we began renting our current location on HWY 301. We have grown while we’ve been here for the last several years especially in the children’s ministry area. Although there is room for more in our main worship, the kid’s areas are quickly becoming overpacked with little room to grow within our means.

Now, it is time to look to the future. We always considered our current space as a stepping stone towards a more permanent solution. So now is the time to begin preparing for our future home.

Why do we need to grow?

The church is the family of God. And healthy families grow. Every time a family grows it requires an adjustment. The single person has to adjust to married life. The young couple has to adjust to having a baby and becoming parents. The firstborn child has to adjust to a younger sibling, and so on. 

Our church family is the same. Just as parents sometimes may wish that their children wouldn’t grow so fast, so we may cling to a similar sentiment for our church. Yet, the truth is, no parent would truly wish their children not to grow. That would be unhealthy and selfish. Neither should we wish that our church family wouldn’t grow. 

Besides, the Lord Jesus has commanded us to make disciples of all nations. As we are obedient to Christ’s command, we will grow. As a result, we will need to make space for them at our Wilson campus, at our Rocky Mount campus, and at future locations in Eastern North Carolina and throughout the world as the Lord leads us. Every family should have a home with room for every member.

How will making room for more help us grow?

We are attracting more and more of who we are; young families with lots of children. We are so thankful for this, but our current space is very limiting for continued growth for families. Although we have worked hard to utilize the space and provide excellent an environment for sharing Christ with our children, any new family might be taken back by the overcrowded and congested spaces. The current rooms simply weren’t designed for our E-kids ministry.

First impressions matter. Guests have expectations that regular church goers might not see as important. We’ve gotten used to our church home. We know where it is, how it looks and smells, we like it just fine. But many in our community still don’t know we exist. Guests see a rundown parking lot and walk into a lobby that is not just overcrowded, it is practically non-existent. We must improve our curb appeal and make our lobby more welcoming for people to hang out and experience a loving community like they’ve never encountered before.

Won’t I get lost in the crowd of a larger church?

No, not if our church continues to follow the paradigm given in the 1st century church to grow big and small at the same time. Remember what the Scripture says,  “Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah” (Acts 5:42). 

As we grow in Sunday attendance, we will need to launch new community groups that meet in homes. We will continue to follow the rhythm of the 1st century church–– meeting in the “temple courts and from house to house.”

Sundays are like big family reunions with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. We won’t know them all as well as we do our immediate family, but we know we are all members of the same tribe. However, our community groups that meet in homes are more like immediate family. We know them like parents and brothers and sisters. 

As our church grows, you won’t get lost in the crowd. you’ll always have your community group family and you’ll have the small service teams that you serve on with others in the church.

How much money do we hope to raise?

We hope to raise $100,000 for our future home fund. We know that this will take much sacrifice in giving above our normal tithes and offerings and also faith on our parts, but we believe that God is calling us to find the home He has entrusted to us to reach more people with the Gospel. We also believe that the God who calls us to this great work, is also the God who will enable us to do it.

Couldn’t this money be spent better elsewhere?

We have always been a church family that lives within its means. After all, we have met in homes and rented facilities for 5 years now, persevering until the Lord enables us to purchase a church home. We support dozens of local, domestic, and international ministries. We spends hundreds of dollars annually in benevolence and missions. When someone in our community expresses a need, we don’t just give them money, we get to know them, offering to pray and share the gospel with them. We are the church.

So no, we don’t think this money could be spent better anywhere else. Our church handles all of its finances with integrity and multiple layers of accountability. Besides this, the church is God’s plan for reaching the world with the Gospel. He doesn’t have a plan B. The church is a better investment than the government, better than any other non-profit, or NGO.

We are the church. Shouldn’t we be willing to give sacrificially so that our church is used to its fullest potential? We want to make room for reaching more people, inviting them to come just as they are and be forever changed by the love of Jesus.

Won’t we need to add new staff to support a larger attendance?

Yes eventually, but only as we can afford it. We plan to continue raising up lay staff and building volunteer ministry teams to help carry the increased ministry load in the meantime. Plus, by launching new community groups, we will be able to expand our span of care in order to offer pastoral support to everyone.

How will this be more of a spiritual journey than a capital campaign?

Because our goal is 100% engagement in taking the spiritual journey together, not in raising $100,000. We will be preaching through the purposes of the church and asking our church family to respond. We believe that how we handle the time, talent and treasure that God gives us is a spiritual matter. So, we will be challenging everyone to prayerfully trust God by growing in their personal investment into His kingdom. Not everyone will be able to give the same, but everyone should be willing to prayerfully consider giving more. 

Radical generosity is our goal for everyone. We want to move people up the generosity ladder to experience the freedom and joy of being a generous giver and investor in God’s kingdom. If everyone fully engages in the spiritual journey together, then whatever we raise, we will be thankful. Yet, we are trusting that our people will Rise Up and give above their tithes and offerings enough to build phase two.

What can I do?

We love this question. It reveals a servant’s heart of unity and willingness. What can you do? Engage fully in the Rise Up journey. Let us be like the returning Jewish exiles who were challenged to rise up and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem by the vision God had given to Nehemiah. Accept the challenge to own this vision and calling of God. We must walk this out in unity as a church. 

Start by praying for people in your life yet to be reached. Pray for what God would want to do in and through you to reach them. Stop asking what the church should do to reach them, as if the church we some institution. The church is God’s family. The church is us, so let’s be the church! 

Ask God to speak to your heart and simply respond to his leading when the time comes on Commitment Sunday. Take the time to go through the materials we will provide to prepare us to hear from God. Be diligent to participate in all aspects of the Rise Up Generosity Initiative. 

Remember, our goal is 100% of our church family participating in prayer and sacrificial generosity when the time comes, so that together, we accomplish what God desires from us and for us.

Still have questions? Talk to your community group leader, or shoot us an email.