Paradox: Following the Contrarian Wisdom of God

Paradox is defined as a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true. As we study God’s Word, we often find these sorts of paradoxical statements that challenge our thinking and our way of life. Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at biblical wisdom that goes contrary to the wisdom of the world, yet is the only truly wise way to live.

Serve to Lead

June 18, 2017 ·
Luke 22:24-27

Retreat to Advance

June 11, 2017 ·
Isaiah 40:28-31

Bow Down to be Lifted Up

June 4, 2017 ·
James 4:6-10

Weakness to Strength

May 28, 2017 ·
2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Talk Less to Say More

May 21, 2017 ·
James 1:19-25

Lose to Find

May 14, 2017 ·
Matthew 16:13-26