This Is Us

This Is Us

This series is about God’s design for the family and how following God’s design, with God’s help, results in God’s blessing on our families. Don’t you want God’s blessing on your family? It begins by giving it to God saying, “God, this is Your family!”

This Is Your Legacy

August 2, 2020

When we pray, “God, this is Your legacy” we are recognizing that we are in fact His legacy. As believers we are the present day legacy of the Gospel. Generations of believers are responsible for your listening to God’s Word today. We are God’s legacy and His faithful family passing this on to future generations.

In the book of Ephesians, the apostle Paul prayed that God would reveal His gifts through the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in this age and the age to come. God gives us gifts to share through the revelation of His Spirit.

These Are Your Kids

July 26, 2020

Some of our natural parenting methods might work from time to time, but we often feel like we fall short in parenting. We feel like we are just getting through it and basically surviving. But God desires to shoulder this with us and empower us to be faithful parents. “God, these are your kids!”

In the book of Ephesians, Paul instructed children and parents to completely focus their relationships on the Lord. We can completely focus our parenting relationship on the Lord.

This Is Your Marriage

July 19, 2020

The instruction to the husband to love his wife and to the wife to respect her husband are simple in number, but they don’t feel simple in practice. But God does not merely give you His Word of instruction, but also the will and power to follow them. In the book of Ephesians, the apostle Paul taught the church to live out their marriages as a reflection of Christ’s relationship with His church. We can live out our marriage as a reflection of Christ and His church.

This Is Your Family

July 12, 2020

The definition of marriage and family are being deconstructed and redefined. For those who care about God’s plan for the family, these are troubling statistics and trends. If you’re married with kids, you’re probably worried about your kids’ future. If you’re divorced and a single parent, you don’t want your family to be another statistic. If you’re single, especially if you’re a single woman, and you want to get married, you’re starting to panic that it won’t ever happen because of the decline of available, marriageable men. How can these statistics and trends be reversed? One heart and one family at a time.

In the book of Ephesians, the apostle Paul prayed that believers would experience God’s blessing on the family. We can experience God’s blessing on our families.