Three Commitments to a Better Life

Don’t we all want a better life? Some think politics, government, material things, like a new house, new car, new clothes, or a giant 4k TV will give us a better life. Focusing on the externals will not bring a better life. What we need is an internal change. We need a new heart. This new heart can only be found in Jesus. He promised abundant life for those that would follow Him. Does this describe your life? Don’t you want a better life?

Contribute to God’s Kingdom

September 10, 2017 ·
Matthew 20:25-28

Connect to God’s People

September 3, 2017 ·
Romans 12:4-5

Celebrate God’s Son

August 27, 2017 ·
Mark 12:30

Three Commitments to A Better Life

August 20, 2017 ·
Matthew 4:18-22