Three Commitments to a Better Life

Three Commitments to a Better Life

Don’t we all want a better life? Some think politics, government, material things, like a new house, new car, new clothes, or a giant 4k TV will give us a better life. Focusing on the externals will not bring a better life. What we need is an internal change. We need a new heart. This new heart can only be found in Jesus. He promised abundant life for those that would follow Him. Does this describe your life? Don’t you want a better life?

Contribute to God’s Kingdom

September 10, 2017

Most of us want to feel like we have accomplished something, like the work we do is actually reaching some objective. We all want to be great at something and be thought of as influential. We want to look back on our lives and believe that we truly contributed to something of value.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus taught His disciples that being influential in His kingdom meant being a servant like Him. We too can be influential in God’s Kingdom by being a Christlike servant. How can we be influential in God’s Kingdom in Christlike service? The text gives two ways to be influential in God’s Kingdom through Christlike service.