Take the SHAPEd Challenge

35 Days to Understanding and Responding to God’s Unique Call on Your Life!

  • Hear the 6 Sermons
  • Read the daily devotional (download below each week)
  • Do the weekly SHAPE assignments (download below each week)
  • Be prepared to respond to God’s unique call for you!

Week 1 – Intro

Week 1 Devotional Sermon

Week 2 – Spiritual Gifts

Week 2 Devotional Sermon

Take the Spiritual Gifts Test to learn more about how God has gifted you!



Week 3 – Heart

Week 3 Devotional Sermon

Answer these questions to help uncover what you are passionate about.

Monitoring Your Heartbeat Exercise

Week 4 – Abilities

Week 4 Devotional Sermon

This week, we’ll be considering how God has gifted us all with abilities and how we can use them to build up the Kingdom of God. Complete the exercise below.

Abilities Exercise

Week 5 – Personality

Week 5 Devotional Sermon

There are many ways to look at our personalities. Here are two different tests you can take. Complete one or both tests below.

Week 6 – Experience