A Vision of Jesus

Repent and Return February 20, 2022 Zechariah 3:1-10 Notes

Have you ever really considered how the whole Bible points to Jesus? Sure, it tells us a lot about ourselves and about the world we live in, but it is primarily a book about God, especially His Son, Jesus.

The exiles returning to Israel are restless. They’ve returned to the land, but now they wonder, when will their Messiah finally come and deliver them? God doesn’t answer their “when” question, but He does give His prophet Zechariah a vision for “who” they should look for and how they can prepare themselves for His coming.

In Zechariah chapter three, the prophet saw his 4th night vision, this time of a real person, Joshua, the high priest. Yet, as the vision continued, Zechariah learned that the vision of Joshua was also a “sign” pointing to the coming Messiah and His work of salvation



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