The King is Coming

Repent and Return March 20, 2022 Zechariah 9 Notes

Are you the kind of person that prepares for things? Here in Eastern NC, you quickly learn the importance of being prepared during hurricane season. People are encouraged to have adequate water, food, batteries, flash lights, candles, and other necessities on hand before a storm comes, because the coming of a hurricane often means no power nor water service for a time. If you wait until the storm comes, it’s too late.
Are you prepared for the second coming of King Jesus? For the Bible says, He is coming again. That’s what today’s Scripture is about. It’s about being prepared for the coming King.

In Zechariah 9, the prophet received an oracle of God to prepare His people for the coming of their Messiah, King Jesus. We can be prepared for the coming of King Jesus.



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