Be a Disciple Maker
Life on Life Discipleship

Jonathan Combs ·
December 1, 2019 · Matthew 28:18-20

As we read Jesus’ last instruction on earth to his disciples before he was raised up to Heaven, we see the disciples struggling to determine what their next steps were. After all, the rabbi that they followed for three years, whom they had seen do amazing things including His resurrection, was about the leave them, or so they thought. Jesus had appeared many times after His resurrection to many people, and now, He was about to give His disciples His final words. He is about to give them their mission orders.

We are no different than those disciples. We need to know what God’s desire is for our lives. We need to know what to do next. We all need to find purpose for our lives. For us to find that purpose, we need to first respond to the mission orders of Jesus. We need to become disciple makers.