Collaboration over Competition

4 Priorities for Gospel Saturation July 3, 2022 John 17:20-26 Notes

We live in a competitive and divided world today. The list of things that divide us has outgrown what might unite us. Aren’t you tired of the division? What would it look to see or be a part of a group of people who are united and willing to work together for a common purpose?

Did you know that one of the last prayers that Jesus prayed on earth was that we would be unified and willing to collaborate in proclaiming the gospel to the whole world? It’s true. He prayed it that night in the Garden. In the 17th chapter of the gospel of John, he recorded one of Christ’s final prayers for believers that the Father would make them one with Him and with one another, so that the world might believe in Him. We can recognize Christ’s prayer that we collaborate as one, so that the world might believe.



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