God’s Appointed Times

Living in Babylon: An Exposition of Daniel April 29, 2018 Daniel 11 Notes

Do you ever worry about the future? You watch one of the 24 hour news channels and all you see is war, terrorism, school shootings, natural disasters… “What’s this world come to?” you ask. Perhaps you don’t worry about yourself, but you worry about your kids’ future? But what if you could trust God with your future and your families’ future? What if God had already appointed times for the future, so that He not only knows what the future holds, but He has ordained it? And what if God would let you in on some of the details? In Daniel 11, the Lord revealed His future appointed times for His people, so that Daniel would understand what was to come. We can understand the times the Lord has appointed and respond accordingly.



Here are some charts from this week’s sermon:

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