Taking the Witness Stand

The Original Game of Thrones March 15, 2020 1 Samuel 12 Notes

If you’re trying to sit in the judge’s chair today, then it’s impossible not to live the life of a hypocrite. It’s always easier to see the wrong in others. But God’s Word is like a mirror. When we look into it, we see our sin and our hypocrisy. It makes us stop judging and instead look for an attorney for our own mess! Or it causes us to turn away and try to hide. Yet, in hiding we continue to suffer from the consequences of our sin: broken relationships, making excuses, never being real, always covering up for the ugliness underneath.

Which seat will you sit in today? Will you listen closely as we call our first witness…

In 1 Samuel 12, the prophet Samuel called the people of Israel to bear witness that they had sinned greatly by asking for a human king when the LORD God was their King, making it clear that how they responded to this truth would determine their future as God’s people. We too have rejected God as King and how we respond to this truth affects our future. What questions must be considered in rightly responding to God as King?



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