The Relentless Yes

Put Your Yes on the Table June 9, 2019 Joshua 5:13-6:21 Notes

What if we’ve taken the step to put our yes on the table but then life got difficult and we took it back off? What if we had our yes on the table and were waiting on God to move but He never did, so we took our yes back off? What if our yes is still on the table this morning but we’re exhausted, burning out, and we’re very close to taking our yes back off the table? Today we will learn how to give God our “Relentless Yes,” whereby we keep our yes on the table, no matter what life throws at us; no matter how long we have to wait; no matter how tired we get.

In the book of Joshua, the writer recorded how Joshua trusted God with his relentless yes in defeating the city of Jericho. We can trust God with our relentless yes to whatever He asks us to do.



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