Searching for a True Savior: An Exposition of Judges

In this series, we’re going verse by verse through the book of Judges, seeing how God continually showed mercy on the Israelites by sending them a rescuer in the form of a “judge,” and how the Israelites responded by continually drifting away from God’s law. As we study this disturbing and violent book, we can recognize our need for a true savior and how God satisfied his love and his justice through the person of Jesus Christ.

Obedience over Fear

March 26, 2023 ·
Judges 6

Answering God’s Call

March 19, 2023 ·
Judges 4-5

Forgetful Hearts

March 12, 2023 ·
Judges 3

Could Not or Would Not?

March 5, 2023 ·
Judges 1-2