Transformation Over Attendance

4 Priorities for Gospel Saturation June 26, 2022 Romans 12:1-13 Notes

God wants His people to be more than attenders of church services and programs. For gospel saturation to begin to happen in our city, God’s people must be transformed by the power of His Spirit. Transformation cannot be programmed by any leader, no matter how gifted.

Has your life been transformed by faith in Jesus? Are you becoming more like Jesus in character and behavior? How has your life been changed by faith in Christ? And if it hasn’t changed, don’t you want it to change? Life Transformation happens when we make Jesus King and Lord over our lives! In the 12th chapter of the apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans, he appealed to the believers in Rome to give themselves fully to the Lord that He might transform their lives. We can give ourselves fully to the Lord that He might transform our lives.



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