It Is Well

Hymns June 5, 2022 Psalm 25:1-18 Notes

“It Is Well with My Soul” is a hymn written by hymnist Horatio Spafford and composed by Philip Bliss. Spafford was a lawyer and a senior partner in a large law firm. The Spaffords were supporters and friends of evangelist Dwight L. Moody. First published in 1876, it is possibly the most influential and enduring in the Bliss repertoire and is often taken as a choral model, appearing in hymnals of a wide variety of Christian fellowships.

When you look at your life, is there a need for wellness? Do you struggle with physical or mental health issues? Perhaps you are like Horatio Spafford, struggling with the loss of a loved one and desire peaceful mental wellness. Perhaps you are struggling through physical or financial infirmities. Maybe you can’t even put it into words, but feel as the hymnist did, that “sorrows like sea billows roll”. When David looked at the troubles in his life, he saw that he was beset by enemies, but more importantly, he saw that he was troubled by his own sinfulness. David realized that the one solution to his pain was to abide in the Lord. Verse 13 says that the believer’s soul shall abide in well-being. He said, as the hymnist did, “It is Well with My Soul.” In Psalms chapter 25, David wrote how abiding in the Lord brings well-being for the soul.



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