What Easter Really Means

Easter Means Life

April 3, 2016

In the gospel of John, Christ called Martha to believe that He was the resurrection and the life. We can receive the resurrection life of Christ by believing in Him. The text gives three ways we can live by Christ’s resurrecting life.

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Gospel Centered Living

Inviting Others to Gospel Community

March 20, 2016

In the book of Acts, Luke recorded how the early church was so saturated with the grace, power and love from the gospel of Christ that God continually added new believers to their number. We can be a gospel saturated community that is marked by the grace, power and love of Christ, so that we see God adding believers to our number. The text gives three gospel-centered cords that God wants to weave together in our church.

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Always Prepared for Gospel Sharing

March 13, 2016

In the apostle Peter’s first letter, he told believers that whether they are living in good times or difficult times, they should always be prepared to share the gospel hope that they have in Christ with others. We can be always prepared to share our gospel hope in Christ no matter our life’s circumstance. The text gives us three actions for how to always be prepared for gospel sharing.

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Generosity: An Exposition of 2 Corinthians 8-9

Gospel Generosity

February 28, 2016

In the apostle Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, he told them that the Gospel of Christ, which they had received, would result in a motivation for generosity. We too can receive and live out the Gospel of Christ, letting motivate us to generosity. The text gives us three ways to let the Gospel of Christ motivate our generosity.

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Ready Generosity

February 21, 2016

In the apostle Paul’s second letter to the church at Corinth, he told them that Christ’s readiness to always be generous should be displayed in them as well. As believers, we can display this same disposition of the ready generosity of Christ in our lives. The texts gives three traits of the believer’s disposition of ready generosity.

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Genuine Generosity

February 14, 2016

The apostle Paul told the believers at Corinth that the proof that they had received the love of Christ would be shown in the quality of their generosity. We can show the proof of Christ’s love in our lives by the quality of our generosity. The text gives three proofs for genuine generosity.

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Fresh Start: How Christ Makes Us a New Creation

Fresh Family

January 24, 2016

The apostle Paul told the Ephesians that it was God’s plan to bring everything into submission under Christ, so that everything in heaven and earth are united in Him (Eph. 1:10). It is in Christ that all things are made new! He then laid out the implications of how this new life in Christ would impact every facet of our lives, including the roles of the Christian family. We can experience this this new life in our families by being united in Christ and submitting to God’s plan for the family. The text shows how to unite the four roles of the family under Christ in order to experience this new, fresh start for your family.

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Fresh Relationships

January 17, 2016

In the apostle Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi, he taught them that they could experience the joy of right relationships through knowing Christ. This is the secret. We need Jesus to give us peace within, before we can have peace with others. We can experience the joy of right relationships with others through Christ. The text gives us three ways to experience the joy of right relationships.

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Fresh You

January 10, 2016

In the apostle Paul’s second letter to the church at Corinth, he encouraged them them to fully become the new creation in Christ that God desired. We can experience the new life that God offers us through Christ. The text gives three ways of becoming this new creation in Christ.

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Carols: Why Christ's Birth Makes Us Sing

O Come All Ye Faithful

December 20, 2015

We joined Wilson Community Church for Rockin’ Christmas.

Christmas carols. All of us have our favorites. I don’t know what mood you’re in this Christmas. Perhaps because of this warm North Carolina weather you’re singing along with Bing Crosby: “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.” Or maybe you’re missing someone this Christmas and you’re humming along with Elvis: “I’ll have a blue Christmas without you.” Whether it’s a white one or a blue one, there’s just something about Christmas that makes us want to sing.

When did all of this caroling begin? It was a little over 2,000 years ago when Christ was born and an angelic choir sang “Glory to God in the highest” to an audience of shepherds in Bethlehem. Faithful followers of Jesus have been singing ever since!

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